Applying a scientific approach to investment pathways.

Specialization gives people in an economy the ability to be at the vanguard of their fields, be it medicine or institutional investing. The history of learning amounts to a history of specialization.

Physician Partners

As a group, physicians have three handicaps when it comes to building wealth: late entry into the marketplace oftentimes in their mid to late 30s; heavy student debt; and lack of time to explore profitable investment pathways. While traditional retail investment shops are adequate pathways for the masses, physicians because of their time constraints and specialized needs demand personalized attention. And that’s what our Physician Partners division of our private equity firm provides physicians.


Private Equity + Medicine

Physicians focus on providing one-on-one personalized attention – shouldn’t they expect the same when it comes to investing? What separates a private equity firm from retail investment shops and financial advisors is the unparalleled access to information, alternative investment pathways, and direct access to management. In today’s economy, information and access are the keys to building wealth.


A Scientific Approach to Investing

The keys to the practice of medicine are the ability to diagnose, devise a treatment plan, and execute on that treatment plan. That same scientific methodology can be applied to investing. Identifying the arbitrage in the market is akin to diagnosing, formulating an investment strategy is the equivalent of devising of a treatment plan, and execution of that strategy (like in medicine) is guided by real-time analytics.