The process of committing resources in a strategic way to accomplish a specific objective.

It is difficult at best, if not impossible, to produce superior results unless you do something different from the standard way of doing things. Knowing what not to do is, at times, more valuable than knowing what to do.


Our depth of intellectual capital allows us to identify investment opportunities that are not overly obvious. That’s our market differentiator. We’re guided by the viewpoint that a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity and that an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. We question following the herd and adhere to our own independent analysis.


Core Competencies

Vision, research, analysis, insight, and discipline are our core competencies in managing assets. The 2008 financial crisis taught us many things as a firm. The most significant takeaway was realizing that knowing what not to do is often more valuable than knowing what to do. Investing in alternative asset classes like emerging market real estate and index fund ETFs is not a traditional investment pathway, and that’s the point. Developing a set of core competencies and doing things differently from the standard way of doing things is vital to long term prosperity.



Private equity management is not only about sourcing deals and allocating capital but also striking that balance of risk and reward. We protect and grow assets under management through analytical research to minimize risk and ensure consistent and sustainable returns. Our investment decisions are guided by study, experience, and a long-term view of the market.