A shoemaker makes a good shoe because he makes nothing else.

Economists have long understood that the main benefits of trade come from comparative advantage: the idea that specialization delivers valuable expertise to the market. For us, our specialization is real estate and index funds: two asset classes that consistently perform well.

Value Through Industry Insight

Emerging market residential real estate and index fund ETFs are the two asset classes we specialize in because of the broad bandwidth of upside potential and their conservative underpinnings. Our specialized industry insight allows us to capitalize on opportunities in these two asset classes. Knowing what not to do is often more valuable than knowing what to do. That’s the value of industry insight.



Whoever understands the market best, wins. It’s that simple. For us, we focus on only two asset classes. That specialization enables us to minimize risk and exploit market opportunities in real-time. Our contemporary economy is witnessing a historic shift in that value creation no longer comes from production but rather from intellectual capital. The concentration of knowledge is what allows intellectual capital value creation.


Proprietary Research

Investment decisions are a function of real-time information and top-down macroeconomic trends analysis. The integration of internal and external research is critical to efficient capital allocation strategies. For us, the essential part of our investment process is the initial research. Whether it’s scouting for new real estate development projects or assessing the ideal mix of index fund ETFs, our proprietary analytics models provide the insight needed for sound investment decisions.


Uncovering Investment Opportunities

By applying our proprietary analytics models to assess the upside potential of prospective real estate developments, we are able to evaluate upside potential and evaluate risk. Our in-depth modeling strategies play a fundamental role in identifying investment pathways. The same approach is applied to our index fund investment pathways focusing on technical analysis and global market real-time developments.



In its simplest form, discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. For us, a disciplined investment approach consists of assessing ongoing performance through metrics in real-time. We focus on cultivating a corporate culture of mental toughness, resilience, and self-critique to consistently deliver on our performance objectives.