It’s very easy to be different but very difficult to be better. We strive to be both.

Proprietary analytics based research is the foundation of our capital preservation and investment strategies. Our intellectual capital is our market differentiator.


Originally started as a real estate investment advisory firm in 1999 and evolving into its present structure as a private equity firm, Toltec Capital has evolved with the changing global economy. Today, the firm’s capital preservation and investment strategies go beyond real estate and encompass a broad range of alternative asset classes. Because of that depth of capital allocation, the firm is able to service a diverse scope of clients and investors ranging from the everyday retail client looking to preserve capital to sovereign investment funds seeking to boldly grow capital. And that is what makes Toltec Capital different from virtually all other private equity firms – our commitment to inclusion.


Capital Preservation and Investment Philosophy

It’s been said that “no one is caring if you’re not sharing”. Our capital preservation and investment philosophy is guided by a commitment of sharing the wealth and making private equity more accessible. We take a proactive approach by constantly seeking to discover market arbitrage, exploit those opportunities, and ensure that we are able to not only preserve capital but also grow it to its fullest in a responsible manner.


Our people

It has been said that “talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. We apply that maxim by recruiting exceptionally talented people from a broad range of academic fields – from economics, architecture, finance, engineering, law, and even psychology. Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. We understand that to win in the marketplace; we must first win in the workplace. For us, our greatest asset is the collective intellectual capital of our people.


Sustainable Returns

The ability to consistently think “outside the box” is central to our investment philosophy, and that is what allows us to post gains year after year. We view “challenges” in the economy as an opportunity to find market arbitrage. It is the combination of our depth of intellectual capital coupled with our decades of experience that allow us to deliver risk-adjusted alpha returns on a consistent and sustainable basis.